The Russian Wheel website was created during the research project “Russian Learner Corpus for the French” at the Research Center “Bases, Corpus, Langage” (BCL), CNRS-University Cote-d'Azur, Nice, France. It involves the analysis of the Russian Learner Corpus data.

This website is intended for two groups of users. This is primarily an educational platform that offers Russian learners the opportunity to develop certain skills (comprehension, reading, and writing), and to improve their knowledge of Russian vocabulary and grammar from level A0 to A2 (B1). Moreover, Russian learners and instructors also have free access to a text-based tool developed in the BCL Writing Proficiency Test, that offers to test the proficiency level of written Russian (from A1 to B2).

This website has been also designed to promote Russian learner corpus research. It provides access to databases of students’ errors, which have been used in publications of our research group.

These materials could be of interest for researchers of Russian language acquisition as well as for instructors of Russian as a second language.

Enjoy your visit! We would be grateful for your feedback.